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Why do it

TheRoomLink, the new kid on the block.  Have you been wondering why you do it?  Why use when you've always used one of the big classified sites, or property advertising sites?

Reasons why our users love TheRoomLink


Matching website

TheRoomLink is a matching website - this means when you publish your Room Listing or Renter's Profile online, you get a list like one of these below emailed to you of people who might be a good match.

  • To Renters and Students, we sent a list of rooms & properties; and
  • To Landlords and people renting places out, we send a list of renters and students 

An email containing matches arrives in your email inbox as soon as you publish.  But not only that, each time a new person or room is registered, we email you with their details and email your details to them.  And the real beauty of the system:  you can contact the people and rooms you like the look of - not just wait for time-wasters to ring you (like what happens when you list on classifieds!). 

Photo rich and detailed

Renters-Profile-Room-Listings-TheRoomLinkYour own Room Listing or Renter's Profile is photo rich, detailed and enticing - it might look something like this.  And this is the reason why we ask you to provide more information when you're getting started - without the additional information, we cannot provide detailed parties to your prospective property matches!

Listings don’t expire

When you’ve found someone, you hide it until next time.  And while your listing is hidden, all the auto-matching emails stop.  When you republish your room listing or renter's profile again in future, the emails is automatically start again.

And of course you can manually manage your email preferences too.


TheRoomLink enables users to advertise their rooms daily, weekly, monthly, annually or anywhere inbetween - giving you the flexibility you might sometimes need.  This is pefect whether you're looking for short term, medium term or long term accommodation!


At TheRoomLink, we receive compliments on a daily basis - people stop to write an email or drop us a text to let us know that they love the concept, our customer service and above all - the website that makes their lives so much easier!