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Tips for good photos

These days almost anyone can be a photographer, as most of us have mobile phones with cameras.  But not all of us can take brilliant photos – and photos play a very important role in your online listing.    Listings with good photographs get many more responses than those without.  Here are 10 tips for good photos: 

  1. Lights on – The most important thing is lighting. We recommend that you turn on the lights so that there are no dark patches.  If you have a fill-in flash, use that too.  And avoid taking pictures into the light – if the curtains are open and it is bright outside, try and move your position to where the light is behind you.
  2. Tidy-up – Your pictures will look much better if you have tidied-up and removed all clutter.  Make the bed (with plain bedding if possible), put the toilet seat down, straighten the towels in the bathroom, remove cables from sight etc. before taking your pictures.


  1. Edit – with modern technology (and on most smart phones), it is now possible to edit photos making them clearer, more professional and simply better. The aim is to have pictures which are light, visible and with good colour balance.
  2. Simple backgrounds - For your personal picture, the viewer should not be distract by a busy background.Try and use a plain background, as this helps make your photos appear more professional and clear.
  3. True reflection – avoid misrepresentative photos. A picture should be the best portrayal of yourself or your property.  Any misrepresentation may lead to disappointment and frankly a waste of time for both parties!
  4. From corner of the room – when taking a picture of a room, it is very important that you stand at the far edge of the corner of the room, as this allows for a much wider range of the room and will give the best chance the capture the whole room.


  1. People profile pictures – displaying a personal picture is very important.  Preferably a head-and-shoulders picture of yourself (or of your family if they all live at the property).  Smile and ditch the sunglasses, people will want to see you eyes!
  2. In daylight – pictures are simply better and clearer if taken during the day. But, even if taken in the day, remember rule number 1:  switch on the lights before taking the picture!
  3. Wide-angle lens – where possible,use a wide-angle lens, especially for smaller rooms as this enables you to see more of the room.
  4. A picture is worth a 1000 words – They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Ensure that your pictures promote your property.