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Tips for good personal profiles

Spending your time to write the best possible profile will reward you not only with standing out of the crowd but also with getting better responses. Here are TheRoomLink’s profile tips for renters and landlords:


For Renters


  • Be honest – avoid any dishonest and misrepresentative information. Misrepresenting yourself will only have dire consequences for both you and your prospective landlord when contact is established.
  • Complete – wherever practically possible, attempt to complete your listing. Completed listings are more personable, provide more information and yield greater responses.
  • Be unique – avoid clichés and generic information like long walks on a beach or curling over a good book, try to be more interesting. Think about what makes you, uniquely you and let that quality shine through in your profile.
  • Photos – although everybody would love to see a photo of your cat, the profile is about you. So put a picture of yourself, preferably one that is clear, recent, smiling, and only head and shoulders in full colour.  Rule of thumb:  people want to see your eyes, so ditch the sunglasses!
  • State price range / duration – Being clear about your price range and the duration you intend to stay will make certain that the most relevant property-owners contact you and that appropriate matches are in-turn made available to you.

For Landlords


  • Complete – wherever practically possible, aim to complete your listing, as this has time-and-again proven to increase the number of enquiries.  It might take a little longer to do, but remember you only do you listing once.  Next time you advertise, you’re just switching it back on.  So invest the time now, and save time going forward.
  • Interesting – Show off your property in a manner that renters can imagine themselves living there, by displaying that wow factor of your home in an interesting way.  But be honest!  No-one wants to get to a viewing only to find out the pictures don’t represent the room fully!
  • Photos – all showcased photos must be related to the advertised property.  In most cases, you will display pictures of you, other people who live there, the property and the surrounding area. See our 10 tips of taking good pictures
  • Clear about prices / availability – Being upfront about pricing and availability filters tenants who are not suitable for your price range and/or renting durations. Not to mention assisting your listing to be appropriately categorized in search listings.See listing a property for more information.
  • Area profiling – People are just as interested about the surrounding area as they are about the property, so spend some time to complete the “in your area” section.
  • House Rules – all house rules, if any, should be clearly stated in the listing to avoid tenants whom are uneasy about the designated rules.
  • Broader contact information – By providing numerous methods of communication, you increase your chances of being contacted by prospective tenants. Follow the simple formula: Broader contact information = better response.