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You have been directed to this page, so we can let you know that TheRoomLink is now free for all registered users who have completed a Renter's Profile or Room/Property Listing



Do I need to pay to user TheRoomLink?

No, you don't need to pay to use TheRoomLink. As long as you're a registered user, and you have logged in, you will be able to contact any other users on the site.

How to contact someone on TheRoomLink

Find the person on TheRoomLink you want to contact, either via the search facility or by clicking a link from an email.

If you cannot see the contact buttons, it probably means that

  • you haven't registered; or
  • you haven't log in; or
  • you haven't yet completed a Renter's Profile (if you're looking for a place to stay); or
  • you haven't yet listed your room/property

All of these can be managed via MY ACCOUNT on the menu