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Remove my account from TheRoomLink


Why do you want to remove your account?

We first need to estabish why you want to remove your account from TheRoomLink.

  • Receiving too many emails?
  • Found someone for your room?
  • Found a place to stay already?

If it is one of the above, you don't really need to remove your account just yet.  

You can hide your room listing or unpublish your renter's profile which will also stop the matching emails until you're need them again in future. 


These links will show you how to:

You will also find info on how to re-publish your listing or renter's profile on the above links.


I still want to remove my account

If you think that you'll never, ever, ever, ever need to use TheRoomLink again, you can delete your account on the profile page on the dashboard on your account.


More questions

We have already answered a number of other common questions about using TheRoomLink.