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Problems logging in / forgot your password

If you are having problems logging in or if you have forgotten your password, we can help.


Problems logging in

Here are the most common reasons stopping you from logging in:

  • Error message that says email address hasn't been verified / activated. 
    • Check your emails for the 'Activate your account' email, and click on the link.
  • Can't remember my login details
    • Your login details are on the 'Activate your account' email we sent you.
    • Lost it? Use your email address to reset your password (see below)


Forgotten your password

It is very simple to reset your password:

  •  On the top menu, click LOGIN





  • Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS and click RESET PASSWORD
  • Now CHECK YOUR EMAILS for an email which will enable you to reset your password
  • Click on the link in the email and change your password to something you will remember
  • LOG IN with your new password