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Listing a property

Things to consider when listing your property

  • Managing your rooms - If you have multiple rooms, list each room separately.  This will enable you to manage each room separately.
  • More than one room - If you have more than one room available, be sure to mention how many rooms are available, e.g. you might have 2 x single rooms and 1 x double rooms.  If the 2 single rooms are different, you should list them separately.  If they are identical, you may want to list it once, but mention that there are 2 of these rooms available.
  • Photos get more enquiries – If your listing has photos, you are far more likely to get more enquiries.  .
  • Also seePhoto Tips
  • Complete your profile – Again, completed profiles get more enquiries than incomplete profiles.  .
  • Permissions – If you own your home, you may need to check with your Mortgage bond provider and/or insurer before renting out a room in your home.  Mostly it isn’t a problem, but they need to be informed.  If you rent your home, check your rental agreement as sub-letting is often not allowed.  And if in doubt, contact your landlord.


What should I charge?

There is no easy answer to this.  Prices for rooms vary from city to city and town to town.  But the rule of thumb is: 

  • Student accommodation – Student rooms in cities start at about R1,500 per month for a shared room to R5,000 per room for luxury student rooms.  Also, the closer you are to campus, the higher the rent.
  • Professional accommodation – Professionals are generally not willing to share rooms, and would normally prefer their own bathroom.  This type of room would normally start at around R2,500 - R3,000 per month is calculated pro-rata if they occupy the room Monday-to-Friday.


Daily / Weekly / Monthly prices

You can choose how you want to rent out your room:

Monthly – This is the traditional way of renting out your room.  If you want to rent your room out long term, or provide student accommodation, you should provide a monthly cost.

Weekly – If your room is only available for a short period of time, or if you only want to take in people for shorter terms at a time, you should provide a weekly cost.  Professionals often require medium term accommodation (e.g. someone who needs to attend a 3-week course in a different city).  In this case, please provide a weekly cost

Daily – If your room is only available for a few days per week or if you want to encourage short stays, you should provide a daily cost.


Who can see my contact details?

We don’t share your contact details with anyone other than registered members of TheRoomLink – that’s a promise.