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How it works

TheRoomLink works a bit like a dating site - except instead of matching people & people, we match people & properties!  We're a profile based platform that delivers matches directly to your email inbox.


TheRoomLink is different to any other property website out there - and the way it works is completely different too.  Read the Beginner's Guide to TheRoomLink to understand how it works.



I am looking for a room to rent

TheRoomLink website visualsIf you’re a student, professional, couple or senior looking for a room to rent or looking for student accommodation, you should complete a Renter’s Profile on TheRoomLink.  This is a short online form where you tell us what you’re looking for, so we can send you properties that match your requirements by email as they are registered.

Find out more about how it works for Renters.



I have a room/property to rent out

If you’re a landlord, homeowner, developer, property agent, B&B/Guest House owner or student accommodation provider, you can list your properties on TheRoomLink for FREE.  



Why TheRoomLink?

What makes TheRoomLink different to advertising websites & classifieds

We are a matching site.  Each time someone registers who is looking for a room to rent in your area, we will:

  1. Email their details to you; and
  2. Email your details to them

You'll continue to receive daily emails as new people register - until you've found your match.  



What does it cost?

Listing your property and creating a Renter's Profile is FREE.   


What are the benefits of using TheRoomLink?

  • Matching.  We match renters and rooms, which is our biggest benefit.
  • Flexibility.  Properties on TheRoomLink can be advertised daily, weekly, monthly and anywhere in-between.
  • Well presented.  Our listings make it easy to see properties at a glace.
  • Transparency.  We provide both parties a lot more information than would usually be available.  We’re hoping this will make the process safer and more secure in the long run. 
  • Better quality enquiries.  Our clients tell us that they get better quality enquiries from TheRoomLink, because they can do initial screening online.
  • Additional info.  We provide contracts for you to use, safety info, tips and much more.


Is TheRoomLink an Estate Agent?

No.  We merely provide the platform for renters and rooms to connect.  We don’t get involved, we don’t charge a commission and we don’t play the role of agent. But we welcome agents to use website.

Is it safe?

We do ask anyone planning to meet a stranger for the first time, whether through our website, or as a result of any other way of connecting, to apply common sense, take care and to stay safe.  Read our safety tips here.

More questions?

We have answered some of the most common questions about TheRoomLink in our Frequently Asked Questions section.



If I am having problems using the website, can I contact you?

Before you contact us, please browse through our Help Section section as most questions have been answered there.