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Completing a profile

Things to consider when completing your profile

  • Honesty is the best policy – Be honest when listing your profile.  All good relationships are based on honesty, integrity and trust.
  • Your profile is your sales pitch – Try and make your profile as good a representative of yourself as possible.  Remember, first impressions count!
  • Photos get more enquiries – Add a photo of yourself.  Profiles which contain photos get exponentially more enquiries.  If you are struggling to add a photo, please email for help.
  • Also seePhoto Tips
  • Complete your profile – Completed profiles get far more enquiries than incomplete profiles.  If you are struggling to complete your profile, please email for help.

How much should I pay?

This is a very difficult question to which there is no easy answer.  Prices can vary from city to city and town to town.  But the rule of thumb is: 

  • Student accommodation – Student rooms in cities start at about R1,500 per month for a shared room to R5,000 per room for luxury student rooms with private bathrooms.  Also, the closer you are to campus, the higher the rent.
  • Professional accommodation – If you’re a professional you probably don’t want to share a room, and many prefer a private bathroom.  Here you will probably start paying around R2,500 - R3,000 per month, and this is calculated pro-rata, depending on whether you need the room full time, or just part-time, e.g. Monday-to-Friday or a few nights per week.

Daily / Weekly / Monthly prices

You can choose how you want to rent rooms:

  • Monthly – This is the traditional way of renting a room.  If you want to rent a room long term, or if you’re a student needing student accommodation for a whole year (or 10 months of the year), you should complete box for a monthly budget.
  • Weekly – If you only need a room for a short period of time, i.e. a few weeks, you should provide a weekly budget. 
  • Daily – If you only need a room for a few days at a time, but perhaps you’re a regular visitor, you should provide a daily budget.

You can enter a budget in more than one box. 

Who can see my contact details?

We don’t share your contact details with anyone – that’s a promise.  The only people who will have access to your contact details, will be registered members of TheRoomLink.