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Work ethics affects your job more than you think!

Liezl Hesketh in Life skills 


What, exactly, is a Work Ethic?

In today’s economy, getting a job can be difficult. But once you have one, are there good and bad ways to do the job? The short answer is yes. You won’t be in the workplace long before you’ll hear the words “work ethic”. A good work ethic is vital if you’re looking for possible promotion. A bad work ethic will get you fired, sooner if not later and will seriously mess with your chances of landing another job. Most people have a basic understanding of what a good work ethic involves. It’s all about attitude. Attitude dictates the actions you take. If you’re eager to actually do your job, as opposed to just seeing it as a paycheck, then being on time, all the time, is a breeze. You can’t wait to get to work – even if that work is flipping hamburgers.

But I have a lousy job

It’s easy to spot someone with a bad work ethic. They usually have an attitude of entitlement and use every excuse in the book to justify it. It poisons the air around them. The trick is to make that job work for you! And that doesn’t mean demand a higher salary. It means don’t just do what you’re asked. Do more. Do it gracefully, cheerfully and pro-actively. A person with a good work ethic wants to see the company succeed, not just themselves. It’s the little things that count. Like arriving at work early and getting all the catch up chit-chat done and that first cup of coffee drunk before 8 a.m. so that you can start work at 8 on the dot; meeting every deadline with no excuses and producing work that is exceptional. So you flip burgers, well, make them the best darn burgers south of the Limpopo! Flip your burgers so well it gets your company in the foodie magazines. People with a good work ethic know that what’s good for the company is good for them. You just have to watch “Undercover Boss” to see that. A person with a good work ethic performs well, above average, all the time, not just when the boss is around. They also don’t stab fellow-employees in the back. Always being late, sloppy work, laziness, theft, falling asleep at your desk, taking drugs, having affairs with other employees, missing deadlines, rudeness, constant complaining about the job, the boss, the clients or the company and producing poor work are all signs of an attitude of entitlement.

How to leave well

If you’re not happy at your job, the best course of action is to quietly resign and leave well. The true test of a person’s character is how they leave a company. Remember, your boss is influential. Telling him exactly what you think of him with enough expletives to curl the wallpaper is a bad idea. When your next potential employer contacts him for a reference, what do you want his last memory of you to be?

Use the same principles when you’re a renter looking for a place to live

In exactly the same way – when you’re looking for a new place to live, all the same principles apply. Remember, you might be looking at a property or room to see if it is for you, but you’re being ‘interviewed’ by the landlord at the same time to see if you’re a suitable renter. Show them the best renter you can be – it’s all about attitude! If you are looking for a new place to live, makes this job much easier – register and find out more!