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Using Skype for virtual property viewings!

Liezl Hesketh in Tips 

Long gone are the days of wasting multiple hours to go through the renting process. Both renters and landlords can save time and effort when looking for a room or a renter by using Skype for virtual property viewings. Landlords, imagine if you no longer had to arrange meeting after meeting with strangers who will be traipsing through your space and wasting your time.

We live in a era where you want to see what you pay for. But this no longer means you need to physically drive to the location and walk through politely, even if you knew from the minute you saw the place there is no way you ‘re living there! The internet has become the answer to every other problem in the world, so why not use it to solve this one to? But how does it work? Isn’t it expensive? It’s nothing more than a simple video call on the internet. The most commonly used provider is Skype, but there are also alternatives available like FaceTime for iOS7 or Google+ Hangouts.


What is Skype?

So before we tell you how you can be using Skype for virtual property viewings, we need to understand more about Skype.  Skype is the telephone of the 21st century. No matter where you are in the world, you can connect to anyone with a Skype account via video, voice or instant messaging. It’s FREE to register for a Skype account and can be used for free for hours on end if your wi-fi or data plan allows it. This means that the renting process can be done from the comfort of your own home, with a simple connection to the internet.


How can I be using Skype for virtual property viewings?

Firstly, like I just mentioned: It’s comfortable! You can take off your shoes, make yourself a cup of tea and then just connect to Skype rather than getting in your car and driving around from one place to the next or entertaining a variety of prospective renters. Not only is it comfortable and easy but it saves time… and we all know how precious time have become. Another reason to use Skype is Safety! Unfortunately safety is something we need to think about everyday. Skype, or any other form of video communication, is a great way to protect yourself and your home. You get to evaluate the renters that are suited for your space or you can have a look at your prospective landlord to see if they would match your lifestyle and personality. You will be seeing that person most days of the week, so might as well make sure you’ll get along before viewing the place. It gives you the choice of the final candidates that you want to invite in to your house and personal space. Location, location, location. No matter where you are you can connect to Skype as long as you have a Internet connection. So if you are moving from abroad or if you have a internship in another province, you no longer need to travel up and down or move to a strange city with just a vague idea of where you will be living. Skype is even available while you are waiting for the bus or taking your lunch break, you can quickly meet up with your prospective landlords or renters over Skype.  Use this in conjunction with Google Maps Streetview to look around the nearby streets too.


How to use Skype to view a room

The easiest way is to use a iPad, tablet or smartphone to do a walk-through. It’s as simple as its sounds, the hardest thing about a walk-through is to remember to walk slowly. This is very important, although the Internet is amazing it still needs some time to buffer every now and then and you don’t want the person on the other end of the line getting motion sickness either! You might have internet that works at the speed of light but signal can be a nightmare for someone else, so take it slowly.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to use Skype for virtual property viewings


First you need to register for a Skype account. It’s very easy, user friendly and it will only take a few minutes. Simply visit their website and follow the links. Alternatives like Google Hangouts are also great and if you know how it works it would make just as much sense to make use if the alternatives.  I do think I should mention that if you’re advertising on you can add your Skype details to your profile. Step number 2. Make contact with any prospective landlords or renters that you think might be suitable and decide on a time for your Skype call.  Using Skype for virtual property viewings are really this simple! Then the third and final step is to take the final candidates through your virtual tour and make your pick! If you haven’t registered yet, do it now! It’s fast, it’s easy and its free…what are you waiting for? Virtual viewing is the final step to finding your match on TheRoomLink!