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TheRoomLink supports URCSA Career Day

Liezl Hesketh in Life skills 

The youth of today are tomorrow’s leaders! It sounds like a cliché, true, but it’s still a fact. It is with this specific thought in mind that TheRoomLink team decided to be  part of the URCSA Career Day. We packed our bags early Saturday morning and decided to impart the knowledge that we have acquired over the years to the young nubile minds that we knew were going to be eager to absorb as much as possible of the Career Day. We were being led by the founder of TheRoomLink, Liezl Hesketh, who had a presentation for the youth on CVs and the importance of clean Social Media Profiles for their future job search.



On arrival at the United Reformed Church In Southern Africa (URCSA) Career Day in Atteridgeville, we found many other contributors had set up their stands. These included

  1. The South African National Defence Forces (SANDF)
  2. Tshwane City Library (Atteridgeville Branch)
  3. Microsoft South Africa (Offering learnerships for the technically eloquent)
  4. SA Express
  5. Harambee (they help with getting the unemployed jobs)
  6. First National Bank
  7. Help2read
  8. Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply
  9. Shepperd Academy (College on Vocational skills)
  10. The South African Institute for Civil Engineering (SAICE)
  11. Eduloan (provide loans to the disadvantaged)
  12. Lo Tantsi Fire Training


Whilst setting up our stand, we were informed that there was hot coffee on offer, great news for the cold winters’ day. We got our coffees, finished setting up our stand and then, Liezl had to go give her presentation on CV and Social Media. Her presentation focused on the importance of a CV, making a great first impression through correct formatting, spelling and making sure that there are no grammatical errors. She further went on to tell the youth on how their behaviour on Social Media can make or break them and sticking to the ‘Mummy Rule’ will always keep them on the clear.


The Mummy Rule – anything that will make your mummy mad is a bad idea. So posting anything on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, MixIt, Google Plus that your mother would not want to see should not be there. If a prospective employer searches for you on the internet, this could lose you a job. On the flipside, anything that makes your mummy proud works well in your favour. She emphasized the idea of ‘Getting your foot in the door’, there are lots of candidates applying for the same position so one’s CV should Give A Great First Impression, Stand Out and Get One’s Foot In the Door.


After this great presentation that the youth loved, there were interesting and insightful presentations by the companies mentioned above. Afterwards, the youth had the opportunity to quiz all companies present. Our stand was bombarded by students interested in both CV writing (these we directed to Liezl) and university or college accommodation enquiries and of course, we assured them that when the time comes, they will find a place to stay on


TheRoomLink hopes to  support the URCSA Career Day again next year. If you’d like to get involved, get in touch by emailing us at