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Liezl Hesketh in Why TheRoomLink 


FREE use for all

All registered members of TheRoomLink can now use the website, and contact any other users via the website, completely FREE!

It is really free?

Yes!  Completely free.  The only chargeable items on the site are Lease Agreements & Contracts, which are provided by a third party. We have no control over what they charge, and no-one is required to use these services anyway.

Why is it now free?

Although TheRoomLink has become more and more popular over the past 3 years since start-up, especially amongst students and young adults, the investors weren’t making any money from the site. Contrary to what most people believe, websites like TheRoomLink are very expensive to run.  Any other investors would just have closed the website down, but TheRoomLink’s investors realised that the real losers would be students. So, to support students, TheRoomLink will be scaled down, and will be available for free to all and will continue to be funded by the investors.

What will no longer be available?

Customer service

TheRoomLink will no longer offer personal customer service.  All registered users are welcome to use the website, but TheRoomLink will no longer have lovely Lisa waiting at the end of the telephone line to help you when you get stuck.

Tailored advertising packages

All tailored advertising packages for professional users will cease. Professional users, colleges and universities are welcome to continue using TheRoomLink website as before, but again, the website will become purely self-service only.

Social Media help

We will no longer actively manage social media accounts. If you’re looking for a place, or you’re stuck on the website, you will no longer be able to ask lovely Lisa all your questions.

Who will help us if we get stuck?

We have a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions & Help Topics on the website. All answers to your questions can be found there.

Most questions regarding unsubscribing (we’ve added a few quick unsubscribe link to all emails) and deleting profiles (we have added a new ‘delete profile’ button in ‘My Account Dashboard’). We’re sure you’ll get on just fine without Lisa’s help.

Help secure TheRoomLink’s future?

For TheRoomLink to thrive, we need more people using it. Please share the news with your friends & help TheRoomLink grow from strength to strength.