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#StudentSA: Work ethics and behaviour

Liezl Hesketh in #StudentSA 


by Bella Boqo

Ethics in the workplace are often taken for granted. While many companies have a stack of policies governing behaviour in the office, ethics are often a sticky affair. They are not only concerned with a person’s actions, but also the factors that inform them. This includes one’s values, principles, personality, goals and moral code. Unfortunately, these exist long before you’re employed by an organisation, therefore, reading a policy document is unlikely to bring about any change, other than make you aware of what the company values and expects.

Understanding how sticky a topic this is, we sought out the advice of students, professionals and employers. They have shared their insights with us in this week’s tweet chat, #StudentSA: Work ethics and behaviour.












Although ethics are usually  discussed in a workplace setting, words from our participants show that they’re more concerned with the individual than the organisation. As in any environment, your behaviour at work is determined by the standards, goals and limits that you set for yourself. Whether you achieve the expectations placed on you is up to you. But, you also need to take responsibility for the consequences that this may have on your reputation. Abraham Lincoln said it best:

“Reputation is like fine china, once it’s broken, it’s very hard to repair.”


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