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#StudentSA: Using social media for networking

Liezl Hesketh in #StudentSA 


Social media has hit the world by storm. Whether through Facebook, TwitterPinterestInstagram, WhatsappFacebook messenger, WeChat, Linkedin or Skype every day we see people sharing their lives with the world. And while using these virtual platforms may come with some risk, they also offer countless opportunities to interact with likeminded individuals. Last week’s #StudentSA twitter chat was about just that.

We understand that social media is a key part of your life. Yes, it keeps you in touch with friends and family, but why not use it to boost your career and your influence? If you’re interested in making social media work for you, check out some of the tweets from our #StudentSA: Using social media for networking chat. Who knows, they may be just what you need to reach the top of that daunting ladder.

First impressions seem to go a long way in this virtual world, so make sure you make an impact. But, be careful to make it work in your favour. The last thing you want is to be discredited by questionable photos, links, statements or a desperate demeanor.

Also, keep it real as you chat your way through. Because social networking only works when you build relationships, being yourself and letting people see your personality will go a long way in maintaining them. Don’t be afraid to let the world know what matters to you.

Join us next Wednesday 9-10pm(GMT +2)  for more on #StudentSA. If you found these tips for using social media for networking helpful, you may be interested in some of our previous articles:

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