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#StudentSA – CV and job application tips

Liezl Hesketh in #StudentSA 

relationship-between-social-media-and-CV-StudentSAEducation is challenging, needs hard work and perseverance to get through it with flying colours. Hard as this might be, there is one thing that keeps the student going, the idea that someday they will get a good job which will allow them to get all the good things they want in life. Now, imagine after years of hard work, you fail to get a job because you did not do your CV right. How sad is that? It’s a sad fact of life but often enough, the first people to go through your CVs are often HR, secretaries and receptionists (gatekeepers), people that know nothing much about the position but have just been told to look for certain things on the CV by the HIRING manager. The Hiring manager rarely has time to look through the thousand applicants that apply for a position and filter them personally, so he/she will delegate to the gatekeepers.Your CV should be impressive enough to pass the gatekeepers, once it’s through this lot, your chances of getting a job greatly increase. Therefore, the first most important thing is to impress the gatekeepers and get your foot in the door. With that in mind, we had a Twitter chat that focused specifically on that to help you.

We shared some CV and job application tips with the audience of #StudentSA on Twitter last week. If you missed it – not all is lost – we saved up some of the best Tweets for you, and you can read them below.

















These tweets from #StudentSA contributors should go a long way in helping you create an impressive CV. Our mission is to help you achieve your greatest career goals, we have packaged a few tools for you that should help in getting to where you need to go.

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