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#StudentSA – Coping with exam results

Liezl Hesketh in #StudentSA 

cure-for-worrying I think it’s safe to say the word ‘Exam‘ brings goosebumps to a great number of people, be it a doctor’s examination (check-up) or a written exam. Tough as the actual exam might be, it actually gets worse, there is the anticipation of waiting for the results and then the actual results themselves. Hooray if you passed, big party, big celebration. However, if you failed, that is an entirely different story. I have heard some very sad stories whereby a few youngsters have committed suicide because they failed their matric. I do acknowledge that failing an exam is a very unpleasant thing, but truth be told, it’s really not the end of the world. The most important question in every student’s mind is ‘Will I pass my exam?’ We can’t answer that question for you but what we can do is help you to deal with the outcome – so on our Wednesday’s twitter chat on #StudentSA, we had a discussion that focused on Coping With Exam Results and below are some of the responses we got.

Whether you do well in your exams or not … remember this. #StudentSA — Lisa Links (@LinkwithLisa) June 25, 2014

The problem about exams is, they are often seen as a do-or-die situation. It shouldn’t be like that! @LinkwithLisa @TheRoomLink #StudentSA — Daniel (@mahume_Speaker) June 25, 2014











Dan-zandra-quote-about-worry Failing exams is never going to be easy in life but its really not the end of the world, neither does it determine the trajectory of your journey through life. It’s only but a temporary setback that we can all overcome. There is so much literature in the world of people that failed some of their undertakings but used the lessons they learned from their failures to be better and achieve. If in doubt, read the Abraham Lincoln Story, it will show you that failure is never final. #StudentSA is a Twitter Chat that takes place each Wednesday night at 9pm (GMT+2).  We discuss a wide range of topics that students and professionals alike might be interested in. This week, Wednesday 2 July 2014, we will be talking and sharing Good Books.  If you have a recommendation to share, or if you want to hear some from others, please join us. See also previous weeks’ Twitter Chats on a variety of topics