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#StudentSA: How to apply what you learn

Liezl Hesketh in #StudentSA 


Do you remember the first time you learnt to tie your laces? I sang dozens of sing-alongs about this bunny jumping in that hole, and still couldn’t get it right. Then one day… Voila! Learning is much the same way. There are many different ways to do it. You can read instructions, watch videos and sing songs, but putting the new knowledge into practice isn’t always easy. While universities or schools often put emphasis on the theory, experience and practice are what count in the workplace. But, whether you’re a newly employed graduate or a student prepping for exams, I’m sure you’ll find the tips and advice from this week’s #StudentSA: how to apply what you learn useful.

From these comments, it seems learning is more than just retention, it’s also about attitude. A positive outlook will help you excel as your the tasks quicker. And once you’ve become a master, you can go about teaching others. As @GrathelM tweeted, it’s all well and good to be educated, but knowledge is useful and relevant when shared! Keep sharing. Join us on Wednesday 9-10pm for our next #StudentSA chat. We’d love to hear your thoughts