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#StudentSA – motivational quotes

Liezl Hesketh in #StudentSA 

We discovered several online Twitter groups that were helping and engaging with students, which were not competitive, preferring to work alongside each other.  We realised that if we were to pool our resources, it would give us a more powerful voice, and by working together we could provide a better helping hand to students.  And so #StudentSA was born.  And in a previous week our topic was:  #StudentSA – Motivational Quotes.


#StudentSA Twitter chat

The Twitter chat takes place each Wednesday night at 9pm.  It’s easy to join:

The collaborative group includes the following members:

Our best tweets from this week’s Twitter chats follow below:

























Check out the online collaborative article on the, further elaborating the aim, mission and objective of the hashtag #StudentsSA.

Join us again next week Wednesday evening, kicking off at 9pm, for an insightful session with other students and the collaborative group members. Don’t miss it!