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SA Lifehacks – Sunlight

Liezl Hesketh in Life skills 

Sunlight SoapLife hacks have been around for a long time. For many, they were simply a tradition or an alternative – making everyday life easier to cope with. There are many truly South African life hacks that are being practised on daily basis, some traceable through several generations.

The green Sunlight Bar Soap has been around since 1891. Apart from being used as a normal soap bar, its original use has been hacked to introduce other uses as well.  No household is truly complete without a bar of Sunlight soap!

Unique Sunlight Soap Life Hacks

Put the spark back in aluminium taps, sinks and shower heads

Moving into a new apartment or home with dirty taps and aluminium sinks? Here’s how to get them to look as good as new with Sunlight:

You will need

  • Green Sunlight Bar Soap
  • Steel wool
  • Dry cloth
  • Water in a small tub

Dip the steel wool in the water and rub on the Green Sunlight Bar Soap in a circular manner until there’s enough soup on the steel wool. Gently scrub the sink or tap for approximately 3 minutes. Clean with water and wipe away excess water with a dry cloth.

For the shiniest pots in town

Sunlight Soap Cleans Dirty PotsStuck with dirty pots after Sunday lunch? Give your elbows a rest and reduce the time spent on cleaning them by using Green Sunlight Bar Soap. Simply scrub your pots with steel wool, Sunlight soap and water until they’re gleaming again.

 Get the best out of your dreads

Ran out of moulding cream for your dreadlocks? Dip Sunlight Soap into warm water, rub it against the hair and repeat until all your hair is covered completely. Mould them to your desired style.

 First Test, then Shave

Shaving on a budget? Use Sunlight Soap as shaving cream, but remember that it may cause skin irritation depending on your skin type.

Do you have a Sunlight Bar Soap life hack for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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