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Roommates that push your buttons!

Anna Lourens in Stories 

Everyone has had roommates that push your buttons! The first thing that comes to mind is people stealing food or not washing their dishes. Let’s investigate the strange but wonderful things that a roommate can get up to…


Candice’s story

I lived in a commune I liked very much. We were like a family. At the end of the year all but one of my friends moved out – some changed universities, others went overseas or simply finished their degrees. The new people who moved in were all friends.

Now, suddenly, we were the outsiders. I tried to get to know them and go out with them, but they really weren’t my kind of people. After a while I started noticing strange things from the one girl.

This girl was terrified of the dark. She slept in the living room, because being surrounded by other people made her feel safer. I can totally understand this, but the problem was that it became a habit.  I could never sit and watch television in the living room as it felt like I was intruding on her space. Having people over was also difficult as I never knew when she wanted to go to sleep or not. It was very frustrating and although she was very sweet it made living there less homely.

She would also have guys over. You guessed it! They made out on the couch. This was very annoying as they would come over even during the day time when she could not possibly be afraid of the dark! I wonder if she kissed with her eyes closed? Can’t remember.

Since the newcomers were all friends and they seemed to expect this behaviour from the girl, they would not get the hint when we tried to suggest her moving back into her room and out of the communal space. A move I thought would be fair. She was over 18 after all!

She started doing more and more things in other places than the intended, socially acceptable places:


She would shave her legs in the kitchen sink!

I found this totally disgusting. I was so nauseated by the idea of using the sink; I preferred pouring myself a glass of water in the bathroom.


Just before exams in June, she and one of the other guys decided to start playing golf. Where they got the money to buy new golf sets beats me, but they did. And they stored it in the living room. Now I was not only unwelcome in the living room, but there was little space to chill after a hectic day.

She was a very sweet girl and I found her genuine fear of the dark endearing, but having to put up with that whilst growing into a young, independent adult, really struck my nerves.

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