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6 Questions to ask your landlord before renting

Anna Lourens in Renters 

Ask-your-landlord-about-House-security Before signing a rental contract, it is important that you know who to work with, what to expect and if the property meets your needs.

Here are six questions to ask your landlord before renting:

1. Who am I renting from?

A property can either be rented out by the landlord or managed by a letting agency. It is important to know who you need to contact regarding renting queries. Note that agencies often ask additional administration and cleaning fees.

2. What will it cost me?

Ask for a detailed breakdown of the rent and all related costs. This will tell you whether water and electricity is included, what the security deposit will be and whether you should expect any additional fees like Wi-Fi and cleaning products.

3. What does the property look like?

Visit the property you are interested in. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the property secure?  Check for alarms, burglar bars, fences, gates etc.
  • Is it furnished?
  • What appliances are provided?
  • Does it have a garden and a clothes line?
  • Does it have a washing machine and/or tumble dryer?
  • Does it have parking?
  • Is it clean and well looked after?

4. What are the house rules?

  • Ask the landlord whether guests are allowed. May they sleep over?
  • Also ask if you are allowed to paint the walls and hang things from the wall?
  • Ask if pets are allowed and also what kind of pets. The flat may be cat friendly, but without a garden, not well-suited for a large dog.

5. Who will I be living with?

Ask if you will be sharing the property and room with other people and who they are. This will give you an indication of whether you will fit in or not.

6. When and how can I move in?

This is a question people often forget to ask their landlords. You need to know if the doors or corridors are wide enough to move your furniture in. If it is upstairs this may add an extra burden on the move. You also need to establish a specific date  and time for when you can move in and where you can get the keys from. No one likes to pitch up with a moving truck only to have to wait for the keys to arrive.   Here are some tips on what general HOUSE RULES you can expect.