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The private sector is a significant contributor to the provision of student housing

Shelley Kotze in Media Room 


Call for NSFAS to provide separate rating for private accommodation

The demand for student accommodation has increased significantly and it is well known that students are struggling to find any space – suitable or not – to lay their heads. Amidst stories of students sleeping on the floor in crowded, dirty, and just generally unsuitable spaces, the media has published many photographs showing some of the sub-standard off-campus accommodation that many students have had to accept.

Unfortunately there is currently little legislation in South Africa relating to the student housing. Many universities and colleges do prescribe to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) accreditation – a legal minimum standard required to provide student accommodation, and for that accommodation to be funded by the NFSAS student loans. However, these are geared to large private student accommodation buildings, as features such as biometric/fingerprint access security to the building should be provided.

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