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Matric farewell checklist

Anna Lourens in Matrics 

matrix-farewell-checklist-girl-readyThe season of matric farewells are here! With final exams creeping closer and the year almost at its end it is easy to overlook important things when planning for the big night. Now is the time to do your last minute checks to make sure you are ready.

10-Step matric farewell checklist

1. The date

By now you should have a date. After receiving the formal event invitation, phone your date and make sure that they save the date!

2. The parents

Your date’s parents will want to meet you. Keeping them in the loop is important. Swing by their place and introduce yourself. They will appretiate your effort and feel more comfortable sending their son or daughter to the dance with you.

3. The meeting point

Create a central meeting point for all your friends by arranging a cheese and wine event at someone’s house on the day of the farewell. This is the perfect opportunity for last minute photo shoots with parents.

4. The dress/suit

Have a fitting to make sure that your outfit is still intact, clean and fits perfectly. If not, you still have time to have it cleaned, trimmed or fixed.

Remember to take a cocktail dress with for the afterparty!

5. The shoes

Don’t forget the shoes! Wear something that is stylish, complements your outfit and comfortable. Girls, you should avoid heals that hurt your feet. They can put a serious damper on your evening.

6. The accessories

Add style to your outfit. Get some bling jewellery, a tie that complements your date’s dress or a handbag to carry the essentials.

7.  Beauty appointments

Book your hair and make-up appoinments for the morning of your matric farewell. Plan the look you are going for. Be sure to take photos with you to the appointment as examples.

You can do your nails earlier the week. Pinterest has really cool nail art ideas!

8. The photoshoot

Depending on your budget you can either hire a photographer or have a friend or family member take the photographs. Plan your day so that there is time for taking photographs before leaving for the event.


9. Getting there

The trend is to hire a vehicle for the event – from sports cars to old collector cars – but you can use any method of transport that will get you there on time and looking as fabulous as when you left (AKA: no motorcycles). A limousine is spacious and can transport a whole bunch of your friends. This is fun for getting excited on the way to the event!

10. The after party

Many matric farewells have official after parties. These venues are also booked in advance and are often organised by the students. They are less formal than the matric farewell, but be sure to check the dress code of the venue beforehand. For the girls a cocktail dress should be fine. For the guys long trousers, closed shoes and a collared shirt should fit the bill.

Alternatively, you can have your own after party with a couple a friends at home. This is fun for when you want to relax after a busy day of getting ready for the matric farewell. It ends the night on a relaxed, yet cheerful note.