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Living with my best friend

Anna Lourens in Stories 


One Thursday night at one of the men residence’s last clubhouse socials, this girl waved sheepishly at me. I had seen her before, but not really paid attention. I was unsure why she was greeting me.

We were in the same residence, but have never spoken before – there was no need – I am the arty, culture-conscious and dedicated student whereas she seemed like a sport-fanatic and party-girl.

Now I can make sense of the situation, but then not so much. It was a few weeks before new the new House Committee (HC) elections for the next term and she was probably trying to gain some exposure. I didn’t really care. I have friends.

It just so happened that both of us stood for that House Committee term. I stood for Culture HC and she for Sport HC. What a surprise! But anyhow, we both got elected and oddly enough sat next to one another at almost every event – by choice. I found her fun and easy to relate to. I had other friends who made HC, but this girl understood me so much better.

We became good acquaintances and towards the end of half that term good friends. I don’t know if she knows this, but I enjoy walking around with her in public. We are the same height, but she has dark skin and dark hair and I have very fair skin and blonde hair. It feels like we are twins with different looks – almost like how a Barbie dressed in a different outfit completely changes her. Well, we are the twin Barbie transformer sisters in my eyes. And slightly gangster at that, if you catch my swag?

Well, now that you know how our friendship turned out, let’s get back to the story.

The midway mark of our HC term fell just before the December holidays and we both needed new places to stay the following year. She found a place in a commune through friends and managed to secure the last spare room for me.

Sometimes living together can really kill a friendship, but not, in this case. This is sad, but we actually wave at each other while in the sitting room watching a movie with the other commune residents. We miss each other’s company too much not to acknowledge the person every other hour.

I heidi-hop to her room whenever I hear her door creaking open. She visits her family more often than me, therefore, her arrival back ‘home’ is a joyous one!

She has had a profound influence on my life. She listens and understands me; is always willing to help even at the cost of herself and managed to get me to start exercising and living healthier. I’d like to think that my friendship means just as much to her.

I am still living with my best friend! Another friend has moved in by now. Her having brown hair doesn’t help the Barbie idea – it just adds more to the feeling of being sisters, like we were destined to become friends and live together as roomies.


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