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Kezi and Frankie Find A Home

Liezl Hesketh in Stories 

friends find a home

Once upon a time…

Kezi and Frankie, best friends since high school, needed to find a home, fast! But that involved more issues than Vogue! Kezi was in her last year at college studying antique furniture restoration. At night, she worked at The Big Carrot, the town’s famous, organic, vegetarian restaurant. Frankie, meanwhile, was living her dream with the country’s best music TV production company. It was short on pay, yet for “lights, camera, action” she was prepared to put up with it. The long hours took their toll on both of them, but it was totally worth it.

Frankie’s job had taught her the value of careful pre-production planning, so one night, over a take-away pizza, they sat down and drew up a list of what they were looking for in terms of shared accommodation. What a feat! Affordable topped the list. They had very different incomes; what Frankie could afford was way out of Kezi’s league, even with tips. And tips were unpredictable anyway.

Kezi needed space to practise recovering furniture of all shapes and sizes. Frankie needed somewhere to store sound equipment, props and catering for shoots. They needed a garage to keep Kezi’s scooter and Frankie’s ancient kombi safe at night. Kezi wanted a place that was in a quiet neighbourhood while Frankie loved trendy vibes. Kezi was looking for somewhere near the fresh food market. Frankie lived mostly on take-away delights.

Every weekend, when they weren’t working extra shifts, the two girls would scour the accommodation-for-rent columns in the local paper to find a home. They put adverts on as many supermarket noticeboards as they could, and they visited every place friends-of-friends had told them about. Soon, they could tell, pretty accurately, what a place would look like from the outside alone. There was absolutely nothing that appealed to both of them. And some of the prospective landlords looked more like human traffickers than anything else!

Sounds familiar? Every day, hundreds of  best friends, new friends, fellow students and even strangers try to find a home, whether that be a room, house or flat to share. There are so many options, but not all of them are good fits. By registering a renter’s profile on TheRoomLink, your specific requirements and preferences are matched with the accommodation available on the site and an email sent to your inbox filled with possibilities.

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