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How to free yourself if bound with duct tape

Liezl Hesketh in Life skills 

Ductape hands

No matter how positive you are about the future of South Africa there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s not the safest country in the world. Break-ins, hijackings, kidnappings – these are things we experience as part of life. Being tied up is usually the most common aspect of any of the scenarios we mentioned. And the criminals’ favourite method of tying people up is to use duct tape. It’s available at every hardware store as well as some supermarkets. It’s easy to use and easy to tear.

Ah, but that’s just it, I hear you say, it’s not easy to tear. Once it’s on, it’s on for good! Everyone knows that. That’s why the criminals use it.

That kind of thinking is why duct tape is the criminals’ best friend. People see it and even before the tape is wrapped around their wrists they give up psychologically. According to former CIA agent Jason Hanson not thinking like that and knowing this one simple trick may save your life.

4 Easy Steps To Get Free From Duct Tape

  1. When being taped up try and get your elbows as close together as possible, hold your hands in tight fists, palms facing each other. The tighter you clench your fists, the looser the tape will be when you relax.
  2. Lift your arms as high over your head as you can. It might help to angle them back a little as well.
  3. This is where you have to get over your belief that duct tape is indestructible. Not only is it breakable, it’s laughably easy to do it. Duct tape tears easily when torn at an angle. You also need to get over the idea you will meet resistance. Don’t even think about that.
  4. With your arms as high over your head as possible, in one swift, powerful move slam your hands down back past your hips. Don’t stop. Give it all you’ve got. This creates that cross tear, the lateral stress needed to break the tape and you will be free.


The video Get Free From Duct Tape shows Hanson with his hands tied in front of him. But what happens if your hands are tied behind your back. According to the former CIA agent the same principal applies. You may even, he says, be able to wiggle out simply by using your hands. Apparently the technique shown in the video works just as well with cable-ties a.k.a. plastic zip ties.

So next time you go to a property viewing, remember to keep yourself safe, but if you get into trouble, hopefully this can help! TheRoomLink has a number of other safety tips for Landlords and Renters. Keep yourself safe during your property search!