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Flexible Accommodation

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Added flexibility for all parties

Traditionally, tenants and landlords have to commit to long-term agreements when securing accommodation. However, there is a need for greater flexibility in the medium-term accommodation market.  With this in mind, TheRoomLink provides you with all the traditional renting options as well as added flexibility:

Flexible accommodation for landlords

If you need extra money to pay the bills, go on holiday or pay for your Christmas presents, but don’t want to completely give up on your privacy, you can rent out your room(s) on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual or anywhere in-between basis, and simply switch your advert off when you had enough.

And all agreements you make with people looking for a room, can be agreed between you as it suits you. We do have standard contracts available, but they can be varied to your personal requirements.

Whether you’re a home owner, landlord or agent, simply advertise and list a room on TheRoomLink, providing full details of the home, room and themselves. This will make it much easier to match you to a person looking to rent a room, as well as ensuring that those people contacting you have enough information available to them, to make an informed decision.

 Flexible accommodation for renters

Those looking for accommodation can also complete a personal profile on TheRoomLink, which works like an ‘accommodation wanted’ listing onto our website, providing detailed information about themselves. This will make it much easier to match you with someone who has a room to rent out, as well as ensuring that home-owners, landlords and agents who need to contact you, have enough information available to them, to make an informed decision about whether you are a suitable match to the accommodation they have on offer.

When it comes to finding flexible accommodation options, look no further. With TheRoomLink, you can find accommodation that suits your personal needs, whether it’s only from Monday to Friday, part-time, daily, weekly, monthly, annually and anywhere in-between.  The best part is, you only pay for when you’re really there.

Getting started

Simply follow the 5 steps below to make use of our flexible accommodation options:

  1. Complete profile – both accommodation providers and renters complete a profile
  2. Requirement-based matches – matches are based on your requirements
  3. Distribute matches – these are sent out to you via email
  4. Make contact – there is 2-way contact. You don’t have to wait to be contacted
  5. Informed Decision process – there is much more information available for you to base your decision on.

If you’re looking for accommodation – start the process here:  Complete a Renter’s Profile now.