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Euphonik’s journey as an entrepreneur

Liezl Hesketh in Landlords & owners 

Euphonik 1The word celebrity refers to someone who is well known for a job in the entertainment industry and sometimes for the wrong reasons. Nonetheless, Celeb-Ville is not always glam and fine champagne. If it’s not the tabloids fabricating stories, then it’s the “pull-him-down” syndrome that has since become the in-thing. Luckily, in South Africa, the paparazzi is not as crazed as in Hollywood!

As much as we would like to believe that celebs’ pay cheques come in 5 or 6 digit figures, there are no guarantees. Many celebs have to do more than just gigs to pay for glitzy lifestyles. Longevity is a word that is literally nonexistent. Today you are the “It” thing, tomorrow you are a “has been”.

One of South Africa’s most popular disc jockeys, DJ Euphonik, juggles between radio shows, playing at clubs across the globe and being a prolific property investor cap. TheRoomLink had a quick catch-up with him to discuss his success as a landlord:

Student Accommodation Investing – Euphonik’s Way

You started your career in 1998. When did the property investment bug first bit?

In 2008, but I couldn’t afford to buy any property so I just started investigating and doing as much research as I could.

You’ve once mentioned 5 golden rules of investment. How did you originally formulate these rules and do you ever break your own rules?

I just picked quotes from influential entrepreneurs and businessmen and put them together myself. And yes I do break my own rules sometimes.

After your initial investment, how long did it take for a positive return?

Well, basically I bought my first house and paid it off. And then didn’t close the bond and used the money from the bond to buy another property.

What kind of properties do you prefer to invest in?

I prefer to invest in student residences as there will always be a need for student accommodation.

Are you involved in the everyday management of the properties?

No, I hired a rental agent to handle the leasing. They also source and manage the tenants, but I am involved in the maintenance.

Euphonik 2What were the earliest challenges you encountered in the property business?

Just finding out information and the maths about property, and what a good property deal is and what isn’t.

What are your thoughts with regards to the overall state of the property industry in South Africa?

It’s exciting! Shelter is the first stage of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the rental market will only get bigger as people cannot afford to make loans to buy property anymore.

Are there any new properties you have your eye on?

Yes, I am starting to look at commercial property but I don’t want to do anything yet as I am still learning about it – it is complex.

One final word of advice to”wannabe” property investors?

Knowledge, knowledge and knowledge. Do as much research as you can and be willing to take risks.