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10/10/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Accommodation remains a key concern for students, parents and varsities worldwide. Thousands of students enrol at universities every year, but only a fraction make it to residence. And while countless efforts are made to provide adequate housing, the large demand makes the problem near impossible to solve. Student accommodation is a key part of your […]

03/10/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

by Bella Boqo Have you noticed how everything seems better in spring? The warm golden sun and blooming flowers bring such a rush of excitement that makes even a couch potato abandon its den.There’s always something to do. And with all the best festivals happening at this time of year, we knew instantly that a #StudentSA: […]

29/09/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

by Bella Boqo Ethics in the workplace are often taken for granted. While many companies have a stack of policies governing behaviour in the office, ethics are often a sticky affair. They are not only concerned with a person’s actions, but also the factors that inform them. This includes one’s values, principles, personality, goals and moral code. […]

17/09/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Internships – an introduction by Chanel Bevis As a university student and/or graduate, you’ve probably sent hundreds of CVs out (I hope) to your dream organisation(s), and others, to ask about applying for a part-time job or a job after graduation. Trust me, I know how difficult it is and a lot of us would […]

16/09/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Do you remember the first time you learnt to tie your laces? I sang dozens of sing-alongs about this bunny jumping in that hole, and still couldn’t get it right. Then one day… Voila! Learning is much the same way. There are many different ways to do it. You can read instructions, watch videos and sing songs, […]

11/09/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

The year is almost up and you’re quickly approaching graduation. This marks the end of life as you know it….Wait, what does that  mean though? The thought of change is often met with fear. It’s no wonder many use phrases like ‘the end’ when referring to a period of transition, but it doesn’t have to be […]

10/09/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Social media has hit the world by storm. Whether through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, WeChat, Linkedin or Skype every day we see people sharing their lives with the world. And while using these virtual platforms may come with some risk, they also offer countless opportunities to interact with likeminded individuals. Last week’s #StudentSA twitter chat was about just that. […]

01/09/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Balancing work and life is not the easiest things to do. In my personal experience I have learnt that people can usually do one harder and go easily on the other. People either play hard and slacken on work or they work hard and forget to play.  As some will say to the work hard […]

29/08/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

by Bella Boqo “Show me your budget and I’ll show you your priorities.” When a respected financial advisor made this statement, I cowered at the thought that my life story was written on countless purple Cadbury wrappers. If my budget did indeed tell a story about me: likes, dislikes, values, hobbies and dreams, then my whole […]

27/08/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Technology has turned the world upside down. Where once we were taught that success has no shortcuts, we now increasingly find that simpler is better. Every day we discover new and exciting ways to complete even the simplest of tasks, and as a result we become accustomed to what many describe as ‘the easy life’. Although […]

31/07/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Who wouldn’t want to have Champagne on a beer budget? If your hand is up then there is a part of the question that you didn’t get. I rephrase, who wouldn’t want to live a grand luxurious life on a budget? I would! And I think a great number of people would want that as […]

30/07/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Image is the ultimate appealer to all Success journeys. How you dress is how you will be perceived. As the reputable designer and brand founder, Tom Ford once shared: “Dressing well is a form of good manners“, it is quiet evident that clothing and grooming has more power to lasting impressions than your curriculum vitae […]

15/07/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

  ‘Making money is easy! Anybody can make money!’ Jordan Belfort roared. I looked to the people on my left and then to the people on my right and the whole time I was thinking, ‘Really? Is it that easy Mr Wolf Of Wall Street? If making money was that easy, would you have been […]

09/07/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Books transport us to places we have never been, open our eyes to things we have never seen and inspire us to be people we never thought that we would be. I have been a child detective in an Enid Blyton Novel, walked down Fifth Avenue, Manhattan in a Nora Roberts Novel, got serenaded in a […]

25/06/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

I think it’s safe to say the word ‘Exam‘ brings goosebumps to a great number of people, be it a doctor’s examination (check-up) or a written exam. Tough as the actual exam might be, it actually gets worse, there is the anticipation of waiting for the results and then the actual results themselves. Hooray if you passed, […]

20/06/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Education is challenging, needs hard work and perseverance to get through it with flying colours. Hard as this might be, there is one thing that keeps the student going, the idea that someday they will get a good job which will allow them to get all the good things they want in life. Now, imagine […]