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06/04/2016 | Liezl Hesketh

Moving out of your childhood home is a rite of passage that some can’t wait for and others hope will never happen. Those who are excited about finishing high school and leaving home to start their tertiary studies, soon find their excitement squashed by the difficulty of finding a place to live.  To help you […]

10/10/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Accommodation remains a key concern for students, parents and varsities worldwide. Thousands of students enrol at universities every year, but only a fraction make it to residence. And while countless efforts are made to provide adequate housing, the large demand makes the problem near impossible to solve. Student accommodation is a key part of your […]

14/03/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

by Anna Lourens Are you a homeowner with spare rooms seeking to rent them out for extra cash? Student accommodation is in high demand! Follow the helpful steps below for preparing rooms for a renter. Steps: Pricing your room Decide how many rooms you have to rent out. Price the rooms according to their individual […]

27/02/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

by Anna Lourens   You have found the perfect renter! Now find the right renting contract to make sure your renting experience is effortless and professional. A renter agreement is a formal document between a renter and property owner. It is legally binding and states the terms and conditions of a rental. Find the perfect […]

13/02/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

The price of living has gone up significantly! Keeping up with monthly expenses is challenging. Sometimes having a little bit more cash makes all the difference – be it buying groceries towards the end of the month, saving for retirement or treating your family to a movie night. We can all agree that earning a […]

27/01/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Holidays are over and post-Christmas realities start to bite.  New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten and real life kicks in.  This is the time of the year when school leavers, students, their parents and tertiary institutions start to panic.  The focus until now has been results, getting into the university or colleges of their choice, […]