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09/08/2016 | Liezl Hesketh

Once upon a time… Kezi and Frankie, best friends since high school, needed to find a home, fast! But that involved more issues than Vogue! Kezi was in her last year at college studying antique furniture restoration. At night, she worked at The Big Carrot, the town’s famous, organic, vegetarian restaurant. Frankie, meanwhile, was living […]

16/03/2016 | Liezl Hesketh

Things Are Different Here If you are moving to South Africa as an expat or an intern you’re going to learn quite quickly that things are different in Africa. The Time Forget what you know about time. African time basically consists of ‘now’, ‘now-now’, and ‘just now’. ‘Now’ is pretty much a foreign concept. A […]

10/02/2016 | Liezl Hesketh

Extracts from the diary of Mila Marais… 25 November 2014 They say that a successful parent is one who gives their children roots and wings. For almost 25 years, I’ve been nurturing the roots – feeding them, cleaning up, taxiing them around, supervising homework, drying tears, playing endless rounds of Monopoly, teaching them manners, about […]

10/11/2015 | Elaine Dodge

South Africa is sports crazy! We love to play it and we love to celebrate it. Here’s a collection of as many sporting events and festivals we could find for this year! We’d hate for you to miss out so, as we’ve mentioned before, please check the websites as dates and locations can change at […]

18/08/2015 | Liezl Hesketh

Arts Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss Among the many, and we mean many, festivals that South Africa has are the Arts Festivals, some of which are world famous. Here’s what the year holds in store for arts festival lovers across the country. Although we have tried to get as much accurate information as possible […]

04/09/2014 | Anna Lourens

While conversing on Twitter, Kwakanya Nazo (23) found a link to #TheRoomLink. Since she was looking for a new place to stay after having graduated in June this year, she followed the link and Tweeted to us. Like Kwakanya, we like our social media! Kwakanya soon set up a new renter’s profile detailing her unique […]

03/09/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

When you decide to start a family of your own, there is a mindset shift that takes place: the “I” changes to “We”. The decisions you make affects the rest of the family, either negatively or positively. The wonderful thing is that, you are not travelling the road alone and your spouse or significant other […]

25/08/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Beyonce Knowles sings this line in her hit song entitled ‘Schoolin’ Life’: “This is for them 20-somethings, time really moves fast, you were just sixteen”. This rings true for all stages of life – whether you’re in high school, a student, a young professional, parent or on your way to retirement. No matter where you […]

13/08/2014 | Anna Lourens

Dee Theart, radio presenter, MC and voice artist, best known for her work at MFM 92.6 and savvy Wednesday conversations on RSG radio station’s Befonk show, spoke with us about finding a room to rent on TheRoomLink. As a young professional in the media industry it is important to stay in touch with what’s current. […]

28/07/2014 | Anna Lourens

Everyone has had roommates that push your buttons! The first thing that comes to mind is people stealing food or not washing their dishes. Let’s investigate the strange but wonderful things that a roommate can get up to… Candice’s story I lived in a commune I liked very much. We were like a family. At […]

11/07/2014 | Anna Lourens

One Thursday night at one of the men residence’s last clubhouse socials, this girl waved sheepishly at me. I had seen her before, but not really paid attention. I was unsure why she was greeting me. We were in the same residence, but have never spoken before – there was no need – I am […]

01/04/2014 | Anna Lourens

Think about your  professional or student accommodation.  What’s the worst thing you walked in on? I asked some of my acquaintances to share their funny and sometimes even horrific stories with me. Here are their stories: I walked in on my brother literally running in circles in his room while listening to Black Eyed Peas’ […]

14/03/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

By Anna Lourens One rainy Friday morning, just after the morning traffic, my friends and I boarded the Gautrain for some weekend shopping at The Zone@Rosebank. With the sky gloomy and rain trickling against the windows, the mood was set for some storytelling. One girl’s story stood out from the rest: The previous week, after returning […]

05/02/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

By Nomfundo Zondi Finding Student Accommodation – The Struggle I have always heard of the frustration students experienced while looking for and securing accommodation. Well, this is my story: I had just been accepted to study at the University of Johannesburg. I was from KwaZulu-Natal and in the next few weeks I was due to […]