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11/10/2016 | Liezl Hesketh

Living with people can be tricky. So tricky in fact it may make you want to kill your roommate! But why is sharing a room so challenging? Here are 11 things that will drive you insane 1. The Late Night Chat. Chatting into the early hours of the morning will only last so long before […]

23/03/2016 | Liezl Hesketh

Getting housemates and doing house shares are the latest evolution in accommodation and professionals are leaping on the bandwagon. The two main reasons for this trend are the cost of living and companionship without romantic entanglements. Having housemates is much cheaper and more fun than living on your own. How do you go about finding the […]

11/03/2015 | Liezl Hesketh

Whatever you do don’t panic Gut instinct. It’s a good thing to have and you should listen to it. If you’re not 100 percent comfortable with something, walk away. Especially when it comes to finding accommodation. Let’s say you have to move out at the end of the month. The clock is ticking. You need […]

29/12/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Cape Town. City of lights, wind, mountain and an eclectic mix of people from all races and tongues. For centuries the Mother City has drawn people to the southern tip of Africa. Today it is still a stepping stone for international interns who wish to gain invaluable work and life experience. According to there are […]

21/12/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Survival kit for renters So, you’ve decided to take the leap and leave the nest. You’ve found the perfect room or flat to rent and can’t wait to move in. Stop! Before you wave Mom and Dad goodbye to start a new life on your own, there are a few things that you must know. […]

15/12/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Tips that will help you keep your renter deposit Since the inception of renting there have been disputes between landlords and renters. Many renters feel that landlords are out to make their lives miserable, and landlords are worried that renters won’t pay their rent on time or take care of their property. One of the biggest […]

05/12/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

Housing options for the cash strapped It was a long day at work. Your second shift has just ended and you’re looking forward to getting home and sleeping for the rest of the day. On your way out the manager pulls you aside to inform you that they can’t afford to employ you anymore. Sorry, […]

19/08/2014 | Anna Lourens

Before signing a rental contract, it is important that you know who to work with, what to expect and if the property meets your needs. Here are six questions to ask your landlord before renting: 1. Who am I renting from? A property can either be rented out by the landlord or managed by a […]

13/08/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

In a perfect world, renters and landlords treat each other with mutual respect and understanding and always act in good faith. But this is not a perfect world and things don’t work out the way we expect them to all the time. So as a precaution, it is advisable that you the renter should take […]