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09/12/2014 | Liezl Hesketh

How to beat the crowds and find a room close to campus It’s December and Holiday Season is upon us. The past 11 months were mad enough with you trying to juggle ridiculous deadlines at work, finding the perfect gifts for your sister’s twins and planning which snacks to pack for the long trip down to […]

07/10/2014 | Anna Lourens

As a South African school-leaver, the matric holiday towards the end of the year is tradition! Finally you can celebrate the end of twelve years of school and embrace the transition into adulthood. Matric RAGE You will want to go where your friends go. Fun in the sun seems to be the general mood! Places […]

06/10/2014 | Anna Lourens

The season of matric farewells are here! With final exams creeping closer and the year almost at its end it is easy to overlook important things when planning for the big night. Now is the time to do your last minute checks to make sure you are ready. 10-Step matric farewell checklist 1. The date […]