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Apps To Help You Survive The City

Liezl Hesketh in Tips 

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What is an app anyway?

An app is, for all intents and purposes, a shortcut to one of your favourite sites on the internet. Without an app you have to endure the tedious process of finding the site the laborious way. And you know what I mean – once you’ve opened up your internet browser you have type the site’s URL into the URL address panel. If you don’t know the URL you have type the company’s name into the search option and wait. When your search engine finds it, it will give you a number of options to choose from. See – tedious. And you still haven’t even opened the site yet. With an app, all you have to do is click on it and it takes you straight to the site you want.

Where do I use an app?

Apps are designed for your smartphone. The website you access through your laptop has been reconfigured for the smaller, hand-held technology giving you easy accessibility and use of the site. Companies want you to access their website easily and as enjoyably as possible. They don’t want you scrolling the the internet and visiting their competition. An app keeps you on their site.

Where do I get apps from?

Some apps are free, some aren’t. Android, iOS and Windows Phone all come with app stores that are built into the phone’s operating system. Apart from Apple, Google and Microsoft’s official app stores, there are unofficial options, too. There are many places to buy illegal, free versions of Android apps but you run the risk of downloading malware onto your phone, or having everyone in your contact list endlessly spammed with ads.

You can find an app for almost anything.

There are various apps that make life in the city just a little easier to navigate. Checking what’s on TV or the movies tonight, the latest cricket score, tomorrow’s weather, the traffic on the way home, the news or even what time your favourite bakery opens in the morning. You can do internet banking, book flights and call a taxi.

Some apps you might like

Trying to plan your life on the go can be tricky. This Planner Plus app may be the answer you need.

As this is South Africa the most important app will probably be a sport app. Thanks to SuperSport  you can find apps that will give you coverage of the latest FIFA results, news on the Blue Bulls, cricket scores as well as the latest tennis or golf tournaments that are happening worldwide.

If you’re not planning on having a romantic candle-lit dinner with take-out sushi on the menu you’ll probably find having a loadshedding app useful. Knowing in advance when there’s going to be loadshedding gives you time to book a table at your favourite restaurant and having the Zomato restaurant app will help.

Negotiating the traffic well is vital if you have a dinner date to get, and knowing what’s happening ahead of you can help as well. Make sure you have a good traffic update app on your phone at all times.

If you choose to party a little harder than you should have and driving is now a problem, then take a taxi. Uber is a great service and if you have this app on your phone you’ll never be stuck.

There’s no reason why your date has to just be dinner. If you’re going to a concert, a show or even the movies here are two apps that can make planning ahead a breeze:
So now you have the restaurant and the theatre booked but finding the restaurant is proving trickier than you thought. Having an app show you the way is perfect. Both are great apps to have tucked away on your smartphone. If the restaurant’s in another city you might need to know if you can get there via the Gautrain.

Having something to talk about over dinner is always a good idea. Every news agency or major newspaper has their own app.

What if that dinner date is actually a picnic? You’ll want to make sure you won’t be rained out so having a weather app might just save you from making a major mistake.  If you click on the link you’ll find an app that is the only weather app supported by the South African Weather Services. If you’re providing the picnic here’s a good app for shopping lists and supermarkets, petrol stations, emergency numbers and ATMs.

Now you have everything sorted, except for one thing – you need to contact your date and see if they’re free! Having Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger is great if you run out of airtime but can still access the internet.

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s an app that help you do that. If you’re looking for accommodation then the best place you could have at your fingertips is TheRoomLink.