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21 ways to decorate your room on a budget!

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Since the winter is upon us and we tend to spend more time indoors, here are some fun DIY tips to decorate your room on a budget.

Tip! Before you start to decorate your room, re-arrange furniture for the best layout.

Wall Art!

Create more space by turning wall space into storage space. You can also create a whole new look and feel in a room by decorating the walls. Here are some fun and creative ideas:

  • Cover paint canvasses with wallpaper to create pieces of art. Hang them in a grid structure to create a complete artwork for your wall.


  • Print your favourite quotes in different fonts and frame them for modern looking wall art.


  • Hang a light-weighted pattern rug on the wall to break the dullness of a large, bland wall. To prevent the rug from losing its shape, mount it to a piece of light wood with velcro strips attached to the back of the rug and the wood.


  • Hang pictures from a string streching from one side of the wall to the other with clothes pegs. Paint the clothes pegs to fit the theme of the room.


  • Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and use it as a vision board or ever-changing mural.


  • Use a large map as wallpaper and pin photos of places you’d like to travel onto it.


  • Build your own word with matchsticks. Stack and stick them vertically to a piece of wood or canvas to create 3D word art!

Eliminate clutter!

Many small things can create clutter, especially if you do not have specifically allocated storage spaces. Here are some ways to help you create such storage spaces with things that you would otherwise have thrown out:

  • Before you chuck out empty print paper boxes, rather cover them with duct tape to strenghten them and then cover them with pretty, durable paper or fabric. Now you have a new storage box that looks straight out of the shops!


  • Stack toilet paper rolls in a shoe box to create storage compartments. Perfect for holding pencils and paint brushes!


  • Paint a few empty food cans to your taste and stick them to the wall vertically with double-sided tape. Remember to arrange them in a pattern so that it is not only functional, but pleasing as well.


Used item – fresh use!

Pallets can be used to create sturdy, yet inexpensive pieces of furniture. Some household items in storage can also be put to new, exciting uses:

  • No longer using your shoe pocket organiser? Hang it behind a kitchen cupboard door to store cleaning supplies.


  • Hang a metal tea tray on the wall and use it as a magnetic board.


  • Store stationary in a spice rack. It is easy to access and stays organised.


  • Make funky chairs with food or bottle crates. Paint them, turn upside-down and put a pillow on top.


  • Put two pallets together, paint and use as a table with multiple storage pockets.  Add casters, then you can wheel it around too!


  • Single pallets can also be mounted to walls as bookselves.


  • Use a bean bag as a book holder. Use a stencil and paint to redecorate it.


Same item – new look!

  • Dip the rim of a light fixture into metallic paint to create a new trendy look.


  • Stencil and/or paint the vertical halves of your staircase.


  • Add small plants to a room. This will make it look fresh. Succulents are low-maintenance options.


  • Cover plastic drawers with durable, decorative paper to turn them into stylish storage spaces.


You can find many of the tools and products you need to decorate your room at these local shops:
The Internet is a great source of inspiration for ways to decorate your room on a budget. Here are some links to sites with more quirky ideas:

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