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11 things that make you want to kill your roommate

Liezl Hesketh in Renters 


Living with people can be tricky. So tricky in fact it may make you want to kill your roommate! But why is sharing a room so challenging?

Here are 11 things that will drive you insane

1. The Late Night Chat. Chatting into the early hours of the morning will only last so long before one of you is pretending to be asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

2. The Before Work Chat. Chatting brightly every morning from the minute you wake up won’t go down well with people who need coffee before they navigate humanity.

3. The Online Chat. Chatting on speakerphone, Skype or Facebook. Out loud. In public. Could get you killed.

4. The Bathroom Schedule. Unless you have different work schedules, this could become a problem if you need it at the same time.

5. The Messy Bathroom & kitchen. If ‘clean up after yourself’ is seen as a suggestion rather than rule and the tub has a ring around it, someone had a make-up tantrum in the hand-basin and dirty washing never quite makes it to the laundry basket there’s going to be an issue.

6. The Study Tunes. People who can’t study without heavy metal playing at full volume and have an allergic reaction to headphones should beware of the quiet I-can’t-think-with-all-this-noise roommate. Especially if she starts playing with the cutlery.

7. The Waking Up Vibes. Some people need music playing c o n t i n u o u s l y! Starting from the second they wake up!

8. The Clothes. Besties wear each other’s clothes, right? You’ve always done it, what’s the big deal? Forgetting to ask can become a problem. Returning it late and with stains on it will go down like an unpaid rent cheque. Lose one too many single earrings and you’re heading for friend divorce.

9. The Sleep-overs. It’s one room, people. Non-emergency sleep-overs need strict rules. You want privacy – get another room.

10. The Perfumed Room. Have you any idea how long the whiff of curry lasts? Dirty clothes, sheets? Share a room and you’ll soon find out.

11. The TV. You love Downton Abbey, she loves The Walking Dead. They’re on at the same time. You might need a room or your own. Good thing The Room Link is there to help.

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