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About TheRoomLink

TheRoomLink is the product of our dream to fulfil the immediate need for medium term accommodation among students, young professionals, contractors and commuters.

South Africa currently faces several issues in the student accommodation industry:

  • Enormous shortage of accommodation
  • Cumbersome and costly process to find and secure accommodation
  • High renting costs
  • Lack of transparency
  • Safety and security concerns 

TheRoomLink aims to overcome these challenges by providing a platform that transforms the way in which landlords and renters connect.   Built with flexibility in mind, TheRoomLink provides a unique profile-matching service that aims at greater security, transparency and peace of mind.

On the flipside, we have been believers in Collaborative Consumption for a number of years and know that South Africa is ready to embrace the advantages that a shared economy has to offer. Ordinary South Africans hold the solution to providing affordable student and professional accommodation, and they can earn cash in the process – something that many will welcome in the current economic climate.

Join us as we strive towards great shareability, transparency and safety while connecting renters and rooms.  If you think we could be doing things differently, feel free to drop us an email on


Liezl Hesketh

Founder of TheRoomLink